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Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a course designed by Tribhuvan University to enhance students’ conceptual and theoretical understanding and methodological sills of respective subjects. 

On completion of this course, students possess theoretical knowledge and practical skills of recognized standard with which they can pursue their career in multitude of profession such as teaching, journalism, consultancy, social work activism, NGO, INGO and Government Organization services. Moreover, the completion of the course forms the foundation which enables them to pursue higher study, namely, Masters Degree in any university of the world.

If the applicant wants to study any subject other then the one s/he has majored in BA, s/he may opt for Nepalese History, Culture and Archaeology, Rural Development, Political Science, Library Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Maithali, History, Nepal Bhasa, Strategies Studies, Geography, Conflict, Peace and Development Studies, Population Studies and Buddhist Studies.

In case of MA in English, Nepali and Sanskrit, applicants who have majored in the respective subjects from other faculties only may apply for admissions.

Himalayan College for Learning Excellence (HICOLE) is affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU), a renowned name in the education arena of Nepal. HICOLE offers a broadly balanced curriculum to provide quality education to the new generation of vibrant students. Keeping in pace with our tradition, culture and values, it prepares its pupil to respond to the challenges of the twenty-first century. HICOLE was founded in 2005 A.D. It always challenged traditional practices and found new ways of doing things. In so doing, it established new traditions that encouraged curiosity, fostered creativity and enhanced new understanding of the world we live in.

It is our pleasure to welcome students to the Himalayan Institute for Learning Excellence to foster quality education pathways that ensure success.
S& Code:
CSC 109#
CSC 110#
CSC 111#
MTH 112#
PHY 113#
Second Semester:
CSC 160#
CSC 161#
CSC 162#
MTH 163
STA 164#